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Our OE segment operates using a low-volume, high-value, solutions-based model. This includes engineering cooling products for stationary and mobile heat exchangers to specific customer requirements.

Air Radiators

ARL is located in Lara (VIC).
Primarily involved in the overall fabrication, core build and assembly of heat transfer and thermal management systems

Air Radiators OE

Air Radiators

ARI is located in Adelaide (SA).
Primarily involved in the production of stationary heat exchange products used in remote power generators, data centres and back-up power supply units. 

Air Radiators Industrial OE

Air Radiators

ART is located in Rayong Thailand. 
Involved in the production of heat exchange products for local customers, while also supplementing the production needs of Air Radiators Lara and more recently Air Radiators Industrial.

Air Radiators Thailand OE