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In 1985, Adrad was founded by Adelaide-based business owners Gary and Karen Washington. Beginning as a family-owned manufacturing venture focused on aftermarket cooling products, the company gradually evolved into a national enterprise. The continued expansion also involved acquiring other industry businesses and their subsidiaries.

Natra (originally known as Motor Radiators) is the oldest of these businesses, dating back to 1922. Based in Victoria, the company experienced rapid growth of its own by manufacturing OE radiators for Australian automotive manufacturers including Ford, Holden, Chrysler and Nissan. Up until 1975, they were the sole manufacturers and suppliers of these products. Other businesses acquired include Air Radiators, National Radiators New Zealand and CBM Industrial Radiators. 



In 1922 Natra began as Motor Radiators, a well-respected manufacturer and supplier of OE equipment to the automotive industry. In 1949, Motor Radiators became National Radiators Pty Ltd - a name befitting their new national reach as a company.


Motor Radiators in Australia (later to become National Radiators) established National Radiators Limited in New Zealand in 1934. This manufacturing plant grew rapidly having earned a strong reputation for quality and service, which resulted in the building of a new Wellington factory in the mid-1960s. The company supplied cooling products for various applications including trucks, passenger cars, and forklifts. In addition, National Radiators Limited NZ also supplied authentic cellular, hexagonal and tubular type radiators for vintage vehicles.


National Radiators Australia (NRA) manufactured OE radiators from the inception of the automotive industry boom. Such radiators were supplied to large industry companies such as Ford, Chrysler and General Motors Holden which in 1958 reached their 500,000th vehicle off the production line.
Steadily earning a reputation for quality manufacturing and workmanship over the years, NRA is proud to have been involved in producing parts for such prestigious names in the industry.


1974 saw the birth of Air Radiators, a company specialising in stationary radiator manufacturing. Over time, Air Radiators expanded to be a major supplier to various industrial applications such as rail and locomotive, power generation, engine OEMs, underground mining as well as Kenworth trucks. Air Radiators has remained at the forefront of innovation excellence, through an ongoing focus on product development and quality manufacturing.


National Radiators (later named Natra in 2000) continued to grow, and established a national franchise model in 1984. This was called the “Natrad” Franchisee Group and consisted of specialist radiator repair workshops across the country that serviced retail and trade customers.


Gary and Karen Washington established Adrad Radiators in 1985. The Adelaide company developed a reputation for supplying locally manufactured quality radiator parts to specialist repair workshops in Australia and New Zealand at competitive prices. Over the years, the business moved into the importation and distribution of complete radiators, primarily for the passenger vehicle aftermarket segment. Later on, strategic acquisitions added OE manufacturing capabilities and engineering skills to Adrad as well as a more diverse customer base.


CBM Technologies Pty Ltd was founded in Adelaide,1990 by Manfred Unger & Branko Stojakovic. The company designed and manufactured industrial radiators and cooling systems for mining, power generation and transport industries. In 2012 CBM Technologies changed its name to Air Radiators Industrial to better align with the Air Radiators business.


Having established a strong customer base in Australia, Adrad continued expansion by exporting products into the New Zealand market in 2002.


Following a management buyout of Natra and its subsidiaries, the Natra group was created in 2003. Subsidiaries consisted of Air Radiators, CBM Technologies, K&J Thermal Products and National Radiators Limited New Zealand.


Natra Group Limited and its subsidiaries were acquired by Adrad in 2006. The acquisition resulted in increased capability, industry reach and diversified resources which have continued to enhance Adrad’s strong reputation to this day.


Construction commenced on the first Air Radiators manufacturing facility in Thailand in 2010, which was capable of producing both aluminium and copper brass heat exchangers to support the growth of the Australian-based business. The Thailand facility is also strategically located close to local industries producing heavy construction machinery.


2011 saw the establishment of a dedicated Air Radiators service centre in Perth, to better service those customers in Western Australia using the OE products and to provide extra support to the expanding mining sector.


In 2012, Radiators Australia was acquired by Adrad. Radiators Australia operated sales and distribution of radiators in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.


With a rich history dating back to 1977 in Germany, Wingfan commenced production in Australia in 2013 as an exclusive distributor of modular axial fans. Air Radiators absorbed trading rights in Australia for the sale of these products.


Air Radiators designed an innovative range of heat exchangers using their award winning Alu Fin technology. Alu Fin technology is a super durable, low-cost, lightweight heat transfer package with increased design capabilities. Boasting enhanced durability, repairability and performance, the technology quickly became an award-winning design. In 2018, Cummins Rail and Supercat chose to use Alu Fin and promoted the use of Alu Fin heat exchangers in their power units.


In 2019, Adrad significantly expanded its aftermarket automotive parts range beyond engine cooling and air conditioning. New products included switches and sensors and more recently; filters, ignition parts, gas struts, brakes, starters and alternators. The range expansion aimed to support the demand from mechanical and air conditioning workshops and involved the development of online ordering facilities.


Adrad is establishing a new heat transfer manufacturing plant in Thailand. The plant will be ideally positioned to cater to growing demand in clean energy power generation and provide cooling for new design engines that require unique heat exchange technology.